when band members smile at each other while playing man that’s when my life is just rainbows 

"The wolves will come again," said Jojen solemnly. “And how would you be knowing, boy?” “I dreamed it.”

“You know when you become friends with someone, you don’t even remember? When you weren’t friends? You’re just kinda like, “When were we not friends? When I met you, weren’t we just already friends?” I have the same thing with the Strokes guys.”

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Black Widow has never been so clearly rattled by anything as the prospect of going up against the Hulk. As an espionage agent, her modus operandi is to manipulate her targets into underestimating her and then revealing their plans to her in their own overconfidence—a move that works well against Russian gangsters, Asgardian Norse gods, and genius billionaire playboy philanthropists alike. In actual combat, Natasha is a master of human-level martial arts and firearms. And the Hulk terrifies her because none of her tactics work on him. The Hulk can’t be manipulated or reasoned with, and worse, his actions are completely unpredictable. Guns don’t work on him, nor hand-to-hand combat without superhuman power. No wonder she’s freaked out by him even as a seasoned agent: her only option is to run like hell. Her eventual acceptance of Hulk/Banner as a teammate is arguably the bravest thing she does in the movie.


"To all the women who silently made history"

“Liam Gallagher is a fan of ours. He came over to us in Australia and said hello. It’s really weird, because we were on stage with Snoop Dogg and Liam Gallagher and he came over to me and was like ‘I like your band’ and I was like ‘I’m from Manchester!’ Then he was like ‘I know who you are’. I was like ‘My name’s Matty, I’m in The 1975’, he was like ‘I know who you are’. It was weird.”

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